"And The Beat Goes On"
Coverage of the unprecedented industry consolidation in 4Q14.

"A Mountaintop Multiple"
Analysis and discussion regarding the acquisition of Hess retail by Speedway.

"Anatomy of the Smaller-Firm Deal"
How to approach a sale of a small jobber and the emotional component.

"The CNG Dilemma Unscrambled"
Thoughts on CNG and how to approach its installation.



"Connecting the CNG Dots"
Forward thinking on alternative fuels and why CNG becomes the next great thing in transportation fuels.

"Unlocking the Key to Keystone"
Discusses the importance of the Keystone Pipeline and its impact in global politics.

"Tired Old Soldiers and Capital Needs"
Decision-making steps for equipment and facility upgrades at old locations.

"A Storm Is Brewing off the Coast"
Maintaining operations and data during extreme weather events.



"Where Do We Go From Here"
How to seek growth acquisition opportunities as supported by the Keynesian economic model.

"To Sell Or Not To Sell? Stay Tuned"
Items that comprise the decision-making process when considering a company sale.

"Jobbers: Post Honeymoon Bliss?"
Commentary on maintaining relationships between dealers and operators after their stores have been acquired.

"Credit Easing? Not So Fast!"
A "how-to" summary on seeking loans and LOC's during difficult financial times.



"And The Light Bulb Went On"
Discussion of how to address matters of importance with lawmakers.

"It Is Your Destiny"
A brief guide for franchisees who want to purchase their property.

"Spring Ahead with MLPs"
Facts about master limited partnerships and things to consider if you want to create one.

"Find Good Footing in Credit World"
How to improve your company's balance sheet and secure a loan when the credit markets are tight.



"Show Me The Money"
Guidance on raising money for a large acquisition.

"Informed Jobbers Have A Bright Future"
Steps to take to ensure a successful retail acquisition by a fuels jobber.

"Complexion of the Fuel Landscape"
Contemplating the market effects of extreme consolidation and the retail exit by Big Oil.